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What We Do

We connect, educate and advocate for Arizona philanthropy.

Our Mission

We empower our members to transform Arizona through leadership and meaningful philanthropy.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant Arizona where all people thrive.

Our Values

Integrity, Collaboration, Community Stewardship, Diversity and Inclusion, and Transformation.

Our Impact

Arizona Grantmakers Forum’s events and initiatives are expressly designed to help philanthropy professionals gain the tools, knowledge and resources needed to increase their professional impact and serve Arizona’s communities as effectively as possible.

Our members are part of a network of more than 400 philanthropy professionals from more than 80 member organizations across the state.

Each year, we host more than 20 educational programs, collaborative opportunities for those with common interests and networking events tailored to Arizona's philanthropic community.

We facilitate meetings among philanthropy professionals and policymakers to build relationships, discuss key issues and explore opportunities for philanthropy to partner with government.


Learn about the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofit here.



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