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Local Resources for Grantmakers

Local Resources

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

This action-oriented group of partners across Arizona – both nonprofits and those in the community who support them – is dedicated to furthering the common interests of the state’s nonprofits.

ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation

Their mission is to build the capacity of the social sector by enhancing the effectiveness of those who lead, manage, and support nonprofit organizations. Their Scope of the Arizona Nonprofit Sector report categorizes grantmakers by the main source of their income, whether it is coming from corporationsprivate sources such as a family or an individual, or from public contributions.

Community Information and Referral

This hub serves as Arizona’s key source of integrated information that brings people and health and human services together.

Arizona Common Grant Application

This form was developed by a committee of the Arizona Grantmakers Forum to facilitate the application process within Arizona. It effectively streamlines the grantseeking process by allowing nonprofits to create one application that can be submitted to multiple funders. A number of Arizona foundations accept the CGA and it is advisable to call for clarification prior to submittal.


Invest in Arizona Grantmakers Forum

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