Get on the Map - Arizona's Giving Dashboard

Get on the map and give smarter!


Get on the Map is an exciting data-sharing initiative designed to dramatically improve the quality and availability of giving data for Arizona. Put your grantmaking in context to gain insights that will transform your giving. 


Imagine real-time answers to questions like:

  • How are other organizations supporting early childhood education programs?
  • Are nonprofits in Arizona receiving enough capacity-building support?
  • How much are organizations investing in economic development in Arizona's rural communities?

It all starts with you and sharing your giving data! Your data will power valuable resources for your organization and the state, including:

  • Your own grant map: Receive an interactive map that visualizes your organization’s grantmaking.  Sample
  • Regional map and dashboard: Once we have a sufficient number or responses from our member organizations, you can explore our custom regional version of Arizona's Giving Dashboard to see your giving in context with your peers.

Plus, when you share your data, you control your story. No one knows your grantmaking better than you. Better information benefits everyone, but it begins with you! Join the community of funders sharing their data to ensure the field has the best information to make decisions.


How to Share Your Data

Our partner, Candid, is gathering all the data for Arizona and structuring it for us. See Candid's full instructions here.

Share your grants data in just three simple steps:

  1. Register for an Updater account. (Already have an account? Log in here.)
  2. Export a complete list of your most recent grants data in a spreadsheet using the eReporting template.
  3. Once logged into Updater, submit your data in the “Upload Grants” section.

Updater allows you to share a wealther of information about your organization, including:

  • Basic Information: Organization name, address, phone number, and website
  • Work Categories: Your issue areas, geographic focus, target populations,
    and more
  • Fiscal Data: Current financial information (e.g., assets, expenses, giving, etc.)
  • People: Key officers, trustees and staff
  • Grant Applications: Deadlines, funding requirements and more
  • Programs: Detailed info on your direct program work
  • Grants: A list of your latest grants following our eReporting program guidelines

Still need additional information and assistance? Sign up to watch an on-demand webinar: Why & How to Share Your Grants Data with Candid. 



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