CRM Database Manager

Position Title: 
CRM Database Manager
Organization Name: 
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix

Job Title:             CRM Database Manager

Direct Report:   Director of Finance and Operations

Essential Functions/Responsibilities: The CRM Database Manager will serve an essential role for the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix as they come together to form a new, integrated organization.

  • As the manager of multiple databases, the CRM Database Manager will be responsible for understanding multiple software systems, ensuring that the quality of data is the top priority. Data must be accurate, accessible, and healthy across systems.

  • The CRM Database Manager will ensure that various systems work together for internal reporting as well as for donor recognition.

  • This position will play an important role in transition of two separate organizations into a single integrated entity. This includes managing each of the existing systems and ensuring that new systems are successful. 

  • The CRM Database Manager will work collaboratively with finance, development, and other staff to advance department technology skills under the supervision of the Director of Finance and Operations, and to ensure that all staff members are using the systems properly.

  • The CRM Database Manager should understand accounting basics, to ensure that all financial transactions are properly entered, identified, and traceable within the various systems.    


Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Support and maintain databases, monitor database performance.

  • Prepare custom reports for end users.

  • Develop processes for optimizing systems usage.

  • Make recommendations for improving system operation.

  • Trouble shooting front-end and back-end issues as they arise.

  • Collate, prepare, and present database statistics.

  • Create data integrity reports to identify errors and supervise the correction of the data.

  • Provide guidance on best practices, standards, policies, and procedures for data entry, staff training, and data security.

  • Oversee the development and implementation of processes to ensure the efficient data flow, smooth integration among systems, and the confidentiality and security of donor information.

  • Serve as project administrator and application manager for the integration of multiple databases into an single CRM management system. This includes ensuring all departments understand their needs, expectations, deadlines and are completing required tasks.

  • Provide database systems training and support to other staff, answer questions, demonstrate utilization methods, and research information needed so staff can use the database system effectively in the performance of their jobs.

  • Investigate and identify reported problems with the system, coordinate solutions with software vendors as needed, to ensure smooth system operations.

  • Monitor database for functional use and availability of tools to optimize staff performance, i.e., security issues, key performance indicators, reports and queries, dashboards, etc.

  • Responsible for global changes, clean ups, and database appending procedures.

  • Work with supervisor and IT to ensure database security is maintained and updated.

  • Have expertise creating reports, maintaining reports, dashboards and producing database queries.


Schedule: This is a full-time position.

Required Skills/Abilities/Characteristics

  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail are required, to identify and resolve problems within database systems.

  • Strong working knowledge of and technical proficiency with Microsoft Office suite products

  • Experience in systems Blackbaud CRM and Foundant Community Suite, a plus.

  • Must communicate effectively and provide instructions orally and in writing.

  • Comfort and effectiveness translating between end users’ needs and database output.

  • Ability to manage tasks, prioritize multiple assignments, execute work in an accurate, efficient and timely manner, and track and manage multiple work streams at once.

  • Data entry, spreadsheet applications, typing, word processing skills required.

  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information with discretion.

  • Ability to work effectively with a variety of internal and external departments, vendors, and consultants.



  • Three to five years’ experience as a database manager or similar work experience.

  • B.S. or B.A. preferred, business or computer related study preferred.

  • Knowledge of accounting basics preferred.

  • Experience with a charitable or nonprofit organization is a plus.

Application Deadline: 
Saturday, September 25, 2021