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Leadership Circle | $8,500
•    Organization listed on all Arizona Grantmakers e-newsletters
•    Organization logo included on Arizona Grantmakers website
•    Organization logo included in Arizona Grantmakers Annual Report 

Supporting Circle | $5,000
•    Organization listed on Arizona Grantmakers website
•    Organization listed in Arizona Grantmakers Annual Report 

Affinity Group or Committee Partner | $2,500
•    Organization logo included on affinity group or committee webpage
•    Organization listed on all affinity group or committee activity announcements
•    Organization acknowledged during affinity group or committee meeting welcome

2021 Transform Arizona Event & Annual Meeting Partner | $1,500
•    Organization logo included on event webpage
•    Organization acknowledged during welcome
•    Eight tickets to event

Program Partner | $1,000
•    Organization logo included on individual program invitation 
•    Organization logo included on individual program webpage
•    Organization acknowledged during program welcome

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